Chris Gardner came to us with this new venture that he was working on called Back 2 High School. He has this iniative to speak at over 100 high schools all over the country. He is probably best known from the Oscar nominated film Pursuit of Happyness - where the film is a short glimpse into his life. Will Smith plays him and it's an absolutely gorgeous film.

Since that film was released he has become a speaker/personality on a global stage. He has spoken in over 100 countries and in front of several Fortune 500 companies...but that is not where his heart is at. He has a soft spot for the people in charge of our future - students.

In order to properly go about speaking at these 100 schools, Chris needed a marketing piece that would help spark funding to allow this to happeen. So we were commisioned to do that for him and we ended up doing a pilot of 10 schools in the D.C. and Maryland region. What came out of it was some footage that really inspired us as adults being around so many amazing students.


All Creative & Production


Septmeber 2018